Objectives of the Foundation


To advance such charitable purposes (according to the law of England and Wales) as the trustees see fit from time to time, in particular by providing grants.

These grants will in particular, but not exclusively, be used to:

  • (a) prevent or relieve poverty worldwide for individuals in need;

  • (b) advance the health and wellbeing of the general public (including preventing or relieving sickness, disease or suffering, as well as the promotion of good health);

  • (c) support programmes which promote and advance the education of the general public; and

  • (d) promote and support Christianity for the benefit of the general public.


Applying for Grants from the Hollyhock Charitable Foundation


​When looking at applications for grants or support the Grants Committee look at the following factors. Is the grant for activities which are in the focal areas outlined above?


Is the asking organisation willing and able to discuss and set performance KPIs for the activities they would like The Hollyhock Charitable Foundation to support. If you believe your organisation can deliver on the above, please do apply using our grant application form.